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The Spectroline OLK-444 Industrial Leak Detection Kit

Spectroline - OLK-444 Industrial Leak Detection Kit

Leaks in Oil-Based Fluid Systems Can’t Hide from this Powerful Industrial Leak Detection Kit  The Spectroline® OLK-444 Industrial Leak Detection Kit is a powerful kit that pinpoints leaks in any size oil-based fluid system. It quickly and accurately locates leaks in hydraulic systems, compressors, engines, gearboxes and fuel systems, preventing expensive equipment breakdowns and potential environmental problems.  The kit […]

Mokon Launches New Multi-Device Website

Mokon -

New tools, responsive design and intuitive layout — a “vastly improved” user experience Mokon®, recognized industry-wide for establishing the standard of high-quality circulating liquid temperature control systems, today announced the release of a new, vastly improved website. The site’s new design provides customers with an interactive experience for viewing information and comparisons in the selection […]

Larson Electronics: Stainless Steel Fluorescent Light Fixture

Larson Electronics - HALSS-24-2L

Larson Electronics debuts Stainless Steel Fluorescent Light Fixture on a television series of “The Strain” Industrial lighting equipment leader Larson Electronics has experienced significant expansion into the film entertainment industry. Larson Electronics’ line of industrial grade explosion proof lights and heavy duty spotlights continue to be a popular equipment choice in cinematic productions with their […]

Introducing Colossus: Hamilton’s 200-Ton Toting Casters

Hamilton Casters - Colossus

Each weighs 8,000 pounds and towers 52 inches above factory floors.  Hamilton Caster is well known for making heavy duty industrial casters  – and now, one of the biggest.  Hamilton recently designed and built four 100,000-pound capacity casters for a federal contractor.  Fully assembled, each caster towers 52 inches above the factory floor and weighs […]

REGO-FIX Introduces Slip-Proof Mini Clamping Nut

Rego-Fix: Hi-Q ERMX Mini Nuts

Special locking grooves enhance operator safety and prevent tool damage REGO-FIX recently introduced the Hi-Q®/ERMX Mini-Nut for Swiss automatic machine tool applications. The nut has an anti-slip locking design that is engineered to prevent the locking wrench from slipping off the nut during assembly and disassembly.  Milled slots on the outside diameter of the nut mate […]

DIRAK: New 6-5XX Compression Latch Technology Platform

DIRAK - Latch Technology

DIRAK now offers a new platform for compression latch technology that provides multiple options for compression latching of single point or multi-point latching applications.  To view the products included in this new technology platform click the link for each product shown below: PRODUCT ADVANTAGES: 6‐500 smooth and simple operation concealed latch design single point compression […]

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